Local herbalist to represent Angus at national conference

Terrill Dobson MNIMH, a medical herbalist practicing in Kirriemuir, will be attending the annual conference of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) in central London this Friday and Saturday.

“I am pleased to be attending this event,” said Terrill.

“This will be the first public meeting of NIMH since achieving Statutory Regulation in February 2011 as a qualified medical profession recognised in United Kingdom law.

“During the campaign for Statutory Regulation many people in Scotland wrote to our MSP’s, MP’s and the Department of Health insisting that regulation went ahead.

“I will be representing these people at the conference and helping to ensure that the strong tradition of herbal medicine is kept alive in Scotland and here in Angus to give the people the choice of professional herbal medicine.

“Herbal medicine has been used in Scotland for centuries and it’s very important for us to preserve this part of our culture.

“I am also looking forward to attending the seminars given by the doctors and herbalists who work together in the dermatology unit at London’s Whipps Cross hospital. It is always good to hear clinical experience.”

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, established in 1864, is the world’s oldest association of herbalists and this conference includes its 147th Annual General Meeting.

Terrill also sits on NIMH’s executive board as Director of Accreditation, helping to ensure excellence in the training of future herbalists.

Terrill owns and operates Angus Herbal Medicine Clinic, located in Logie which is on the edge of Kirriemuir.