Local group opposes plan

AN OPPOSITION group is gathering forces as it urges ENERTRAG to withdraw their planning application for a wind farm at Kinnettles.

Against Kinnettles Turbines (AKT) has been overwhelmed with pledges of support for its opposition to the wind farm.

The group of local residents has received notification from dozens of individuals that they will be objecting to the planning application for a wind monitoring mast. An additional 500 people have signed a petition opposing the giant turbine proposal.

A consultation led by the group showed that while most people are in favour of renewable energy they were also upset at ENERTRAG’s choice of location.

A planning application (ref 11/00743/Full) has been submitted for the first part of the wind farm project – a 262ft high wind monitoring mast on the brow of the hill for a period of five years.

Residents and interested parties have been given until September 16 to make objections which should be sent to Head of Planning and Transport, Angus Council, County Buildings, Market Street, Forfar, DD8 1AX.

The group have sought expert opinion leading them to believe there are grounds for refusal.

The wind monitoring mast is the first phase of the wind farm proposal and is linked to the erection of wind turbines and so the group feel it should be rejected by Angus Council.

They also claim that the monitoring mast does not conform to sections of the Angus Local Plan Review.

Finally, the Scottish Government has stressed that wind farms should not be placed in areas of high landscape value and should not impact on the amenity of local communities.

AKT will continue its opposition to the plan but now hopes that Enertrag will take on board the views of the community and withdraw the application. For more information about AKT visit www.kinnettles-say-no.org

Carolynne Sutherland, ENERTRAG Project Manager, responded: “Scotland has ambitious targets to generate 100% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020. It signals a huge departure from the traditional ways of generating electricity such as coal, gas and nuclear.

“The Berrymuir Wind Farm is an emerging proposal that could contribute up to 12 MW of clean, green energy to the low carbon mix.

“In order to determine if the site is suitable for a wind farm we need to obtain on-site wind data to properly evaluate the wind resource and ensure data is available to assess other potential impacts such as noise.

“ENERTRAG has made an application to Angus Council to erect a temporary anemometry mast; this application will be determined on its planning merits and any impacts of the mast and not a future application

“Local knowledge plays a valuable role in ensuring that a wind farm achieves a good balance between the performance of the development and the impact on the local area so next month we are establishing a Community Liaison Group (CLG) with representatives from the local communities, and we welcome comments, questions and suggestions to this group to ensure this balance is met.”