Lippen Care lunch

THE SECOND ladies’ lunch in aid of Lippen Care was held on Saturday at Forfar Golf Club, raising almost £600 for the local charity.

Lippen Care convener Moira Nicoll welcomed a company of 60 ladies to the event, then asked Elizabeth McLeod to say grace on behalf of “the bunch who munch lunch”.

Munching complete, Jean McEwen, the event organiser, introduced local optometrist Pamela Robertson, the speaker for the afternoon.

Pamela is a volunteer with Vision 2020, a worldwide project dedicated to eliminating preventable blindness and serious sight problems.

Specifically, Pamela works with the Dundee - Makassar Link, whereby professionals from this area take their expertise to the city of Makassar in Indonesia and work with local personnel in the ophthalmic field. Pamela’s first visit proved a real “eye-opener” and she gave her audience a graphic insight into the magnitude of the problem on the ground.

The challenges are many and varied, from lack of equipment and primitive working conditions, to ignorance and mistrust arising from cultural differences.

However, with goodwill on both sides, progress is slowly being made, and Pamela’s “before and after” photographs showed the improvements already achieved.

Pamela’s talk was disturbing and amusing by turn, and certainly made those present realise how fortunate they are to live in a country where access to eye care is free and professional for all.

She hopes to return to Makassar next June, and meantime continues to support the project in any way she can here. It was a privilege to hear of her enthusiasm and dedication to the cause; at the conclusion of her talk, Sheila Wilson called on her audience to express their appreciation to Pamela for giving up her time to share her experiences with those present, and Dot Eaton presented her with flowers on behalf of Lippen Care.

A generously supported raffle added to the enjoyment of the afternoon and helped to raise almost £600 for Lippen Care. The organisers are grateful to Forfar Golf Club for hosting the event and to everyone who helped to make it such a success.