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Wayne Rooney is “literally” on fire

The definition of “literally” has been rewritten by the Oxford English Dictionary due to the frequent misuse of the word.

It used to mean “in a literal, exact or actual sense”, but now also can be “used for emphasis rather than being actually true”.

People killing themselves laughing and sportsmen who are on fire can breathe easily now.

The Oxford English Dictionary can be accessed through the library online reference pages at Use it to check spelling and historical usage of words and phrases. Please ask the staff for more details or a quick demonstration.

Summer Reading Challenges

All the children doing the Bookbug and Creepy House Challenges at Forfar and Kirriemuir have done well with the sun shining (almost) all the way through!

Staff are now planning their ceremonies to be held this month when all the finishers will get their just rewards. Watch out for pictures next month. Kirriemuir’s Bookbug sessions have been so popular they’re now running every Wednesday so pop in or give us a call to find out the new times.

Calling All Readers

Also on the cards at Kirriemuir is a new Adult Reading Group which will meet in the afternoons on Thursdays so if you like the idea of discussing a chosen book then get in touch as we’re still looking for new members.

Coffee Time

You should begin to smell the aroma of coffee percolating inside the libraries too since the arrival of the vending machine. You can choose from a variety of teas and coffees and we can’t forget the staff favourite – “yummy” hot chocolate.

Most drinks are £1 a cup so why not get together and have a chat with some friends or just relax with a “cuppa” before or after choosing your books.

We are always keen to hear from local organisations such as clubs and associations.

If you would like to get in touch to tell us all your latest news, or share some pictures of your events, then e-mail us at