Public action against plans for a ‘legal high’ shop in Forfar increased at the weekend when a petition with more than 3000 signatures was passed to Angus North and Mearns MSP Nigel Don.

Messages of support have flooded a Facebook page set up to raise awareness of the plans to open a shop in North Street, while 3250 people signed the petition set up to ensure the doors never open.

In just over two weeks, the campaign by Forfar youth worker Adele Douglas Speirs, her friend Bobbi Murray and Nikki Leathley was the talk of town. Their swift action has been commended on their Facebook site with many congratulating them on their determination to stop the sale of New Psychoactive Substances in their track.

The possibility of the shop opening in North Street was discussed at Forfar Community Council on Thursday evening when chairman Mrs Isobel Ross and Angus Councillors Glennis Middleton and Lynne Devine condemned the sale of NPS in Forfar.

Councillor Middleton said: “The community isn’t letting it go and won’t let it go; people are very angry and ‘legal highs’ have to be the worst misnomer I’ve ever heard. They cause death and destruction and we’ll do what we can to stop it.”

Mrs Ross praised the work of those behind the petition adding: “They have been fantastic and, given the chance, they are proving themselves and we should support them in any way that we can.”

Councillor Devine explained: “The petition will be presented by Nigel Don MSP to Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Communities who is well aware of and very concerned about these chemicals. This impressive show of concern will hopefully give him more power to work on changes in legislation and to put pressure on Westminster to do the same.”