Launch of Webster’s mini-bus appeal

Webster's Mini Bus Appeal
Webster's Mini Bus Appeal

WEBSTER’S High School pupils took part in a sponsored walk on Friday to support the launch of a major fund-raising drive to provide the school and the local community with not one - but two mini-buses.

The school’s parent council is driving forward the project to replace the current school mini-bus as a matter of urgency. They hope to raise enough funds to buy a second hand mini-bus, at a cost of £4,500, but their bigger aim is to raise £35,000 to buy a brand new bus, complete with disabled access.

Launching the appeal Jane Stork, pupil council chairman, said it was hoped two buses would soon be on the road to provide valuable transport for both the high school and its cluster primaries.

She said: “It’s going to be a long haul. We are applying like mad for grants and trusts; most of them require some match fundinsg We also require to demonstrate community wide interest. The current mini-bus, which is not reliable, is used for school sports and curricular trips but it is also loaned out to the cluster primary schools, which has gone down really well. Ideally we hope to end up with two mini-buses. With the new Curriculum for Excellence, it’s all about getting out and about and learning in a real situation. This is in everyone’s best interest to give the children the best education we can.”