Latest home 
season trends

Springtime can encourage us to seek a fresh perspective on our home, and the emerging decor trends provide plenty of inspiration.

Freshly picked florals, natural materials, sensual texture and two essential colours - blue and yellow - will feature in this year’s successful rooms. You don’t need to confine yourself to one of those ingredients; instead ‘mix and match’ elements which appeal to you and, crucially, suit your living space.

The days of faithfully replicating a decor look - and running the risk of simply following the crowd and producing an unimaginative scheme - are long gone.


Pattern, a star on the fashion catwalks, will make a statement on everything this year from furniture and wallpaper to fabric. It takes confidence to use it but it’s well worth it as it energises a decor scheme. There’s a visual feast on offer with tribal and tropical patterns turning up the heat later in the year, and a spring focus on checks, squares, geometrics and paisleys.


Traditional materials and modern design is a match made in homeware heaven. Quality should be the watchword here with beautiful pieces making a statement and the whole a harmonious celebration of design and craftsmanship.


Florals bloom again but there’s nothing wilting about the designs. Fabrics and papers feature painterly-effects on crisp, white backgrounds, bright, pin-sharp prints or more precise designs reflecting botanical drawings of flowers and plants. Combine with shades of on-trend blue to give a zingy lift to rooms.


Sheer unadulterated luxury, sensual textures and metallic touches - beaten, distressed or super-shiny - are key ingredients for this trend. It’s a welcome move away from its forerunner, the more bland hotel-style, and edgier and more masculine in approach.