Labour candidate backs Warm Homes Act

A radiator.
A radiator.

The Scottish Labour candidate for our area has highlighted figures which show that families in Angus and the Mearns are choosing between heating and eating.

John Ruddy made the comments following proposals from Holyrood to cut £15 million from the fuel poverty pot in the 2016/17 budget.

According to figures from the ‘Scottish House Condition Survey - Local Authority Analyses for 2011-2013’ show that 37 per cent of households in Angus live in fuel poverty. In addition, over half of pensioner households in Angus are understood to live in fuel poverty.

Mr Ruddy said: “No family in Angus North and Mearns should have to choose between heating and eating.

“In 2001 the last Labour-led Scottish Government set ambitious legislation to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016. We know the SNP Government will miss that target, with the latest estimates show that 37 per cent of all households, including a staggering 54 per cent of pensioner households in Angus live in fuel poverty.

“So it beggars belief that the SNP Government in Edinburgh plan a huge cut to the fuel poverty budget.

“Scottish Labour will take real action on fuel poverty. We will deliver ground-breaking legislation in the form of a Scottish Warm Homes Act.

“As an Energy Manager, I know how easy and cost effective it can be to increase insulation to reduce fuel bills. These SNP cuts mean that fewer homes will be insulated and more people will have utility bills they can’t afford.

“With new powers coming to Scotland we have the chance to really do things differently. After a decade in office and with a majority in Parliament there are no excuses for the SNP failing to deal with fuel poverty.”