Kirrie artist’s first exhibit

Janie Morton, enjoying the Angus Glens during a visit home.
Janie Morton, enjoying the Angus Glens during a visit home.

An Angus artist is carving out a new career in Spain where she has staged her first solo exhibition.

Janie Morton developed an interest in drawing while travelling to pursue her studies and career in marine conservation.

The former Forfar Academy pupil was bitten by the travelling bug after hearing stories from her biology teacher and, although unsure of her next move after leaving school, gained an International Erasmus Masters in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation.

She said: “During my time spent studying, living in different countries, with different people, inside different cultures, my biology teacher’s advice was never far from my thoughts. In the continued search of finding myself I picked up many little hobbies and habits, one of the more positive ones being drawing.

“Having some of best natural scenery in the world on my parents’ doorstep in Angus or when travelling to more exotic lands, gave me inspiration to begin filling sketchbooks. By moving and living the way I do, I find certain opportunities open up, ones that would never happen had I not found confidence to head for the unknown.”

After finishing a research contract last year, Janie visited her brother in Spain, also an artist where she was given the opportunity to house-sit a mansion and yoga retreat centre, live with a yoga teacher in a beach house and have her drawings exhibited in Barcelona.

She added: “I know fortune favours the bold and that it is not about the destination but the journey and all the paths and characters along the way.”