Kim revs up for Forfar Probus talk


THe GUEST at last week’s meeting of Forfar Probus Club needed little introduction.

President Bob Kidd welcomed about 50 members and introduced Kim Cessford, well known to many through his photography.

Kim had prepared a video show on “Old Bikes go to Eastern Europe” which took place earlier this year and involved eight like minded local individuals who each purchased a motor cycle costing £300 or less.

The object was to drive them across mainland Europe into Eastern Europe and finally reach Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Kim explained they were not following a set route and were avoiding urban and city riding, preferring countryside and quiet roads; their overnight accommodation was random and varied,

Kim stressed they would spend each night under a roof and they experienced a wide variety of beds for the night along with a diet which was, as he put it, interesting!

The bikes themselves varied in size from 400 up to 750 cc and the cheapest cost just £40. With daily running repairs carried out by these intrepid riders, they completed their adventure in 10 days having covered 3212 miles and visiting 17 countries.

Probus member Viv Best proposed the vote of thanks for what had been an interesting and informative illustrated talk which generated a varied question and answer session at the end.