Kevin finds relics of the ‘Dispatch’

A LOCAL bookshop owner, Kevin Ruane, came across two pieces of Forfar Dispatch history and handed them into our office.

Mr Ruane, known locally as Jud, works in Abbey Books on Castle Street in Forfar and was browsing antique books to buy and sell when he came across two four by eight centimetre yellow cards which are thought to be compliment slips which are from either 1939 or 1940 or around about that time.

The cards were found marking pages in books which were about Angus and the local area.

Mr Ruane said: “I came across the two pieces of card while I was sifting through local books and books about the Angus area. They look like they had been used to mark pages like a bookmark.

“I thought they looked very interesting and also thought that there might be someone who could tell us more about them and their history.”

The cards are similar to the size of the average business card and are a pale yellow colour.

Mr Ruane added: “They were maybe used for sending papers overseas such as for local people serving on ships who had a subscription to the Forfar Dispatch.”

Both cards have ‘the Forfar Dispatch’ written or stamped on in ink on one side and one card says: Eric Hoffe (Lofty) HMS Forfar C/O GPO London, and the other says: Wallace R., George (Mess 16) HMS Forfar C/O GPO London.

If anyone knows what the little yellow cards are and what their purpose was you can tell us more on the history of the cards by contacting the Dispatch via email at, our Facebook page by searching Forfar Dispatch or Twitter @forfardispatch or you can call in by our office which is situated in the old Post Office building at 117 - 119 Castle Street in Forfar.