Jackpot reaches £3,000 grand total

There was no jackpot winner in Monday night’s £2,750 Loons Lottery draw so the prize fund now reaches its limit of £3,000.

The number for this week were 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 13.

Five consolation prizes of £20 went to F. Dargie, G. Singer, S. Cargill, M. Morice and U. Thompson, all Forfar.

To play the Loons Lottery just pick the correct six numbers from 14, how difficult can that be?

You could be the one to win this great amount, or a substantial share if more than one player is lucky, so forget about that other lottery that you never here of anyone winning and get a ticket or two in Forfars Lottery.

It is not only a chance to win some big cash but also remember that half of your stake goes to the organisation that acts as an agent. So you may win, your agent club wins and Forfar Athletic’s funds win.