Is more space required?

SPACE for parking has been a hot topic in the town recently and has brought about a lot of debate on our facebook page.

As it is one of the biggest issues facing those who live in Forfar we asked you if you feel parking is adequate and what on-street parking areas are causing the most problems.

While the Castle Street one-way system is still causing the most controversy other roads around the town are also causing drivers some trouble. Ashley Nicol said: “The East High Street when people over park on both sides of the road.

“The West High Street if people keep parking everywhere to get into the Post Office making it a nightmare to navigate the lights.”

She added: “Parts of St James Road [can also be a problem] especially nearer the end at the Dundee Road, it can be like a slalom sometimes.”

Susan Blackburn finds she has a problem with cars and lorries parking over the end of her drive on Queen Street.

Despite a number of car parks in Forfar including the two main ones at the Greens and the Myre, people are still parking on the street.

Fiona Reid said: “People are parking on the street because the car parks are full. The only way to deal with this is to re-introduce a charge. For example, the first two hours would be free and after that you would pay accordingly. Too many Forfar folk are too lazy to walk into town.”

Some feel that parking is adequate but it is lazyness that is the main problem. Hayley McInally said: “Forfar has two big central car parks so I don’t see the need for any more.

“That said, people still have the stupidity to park illegally, causing problems for pedestrians and other drivers.”

John Philip feels that Castle Street still has the biggest issues, he said: “The one way system is a disaster. It doesn’t solve any traffic problems which were caused by bad layout of parking bays and no enforcement of double yellows.”