Indulge in some calorie-free beauty treats this Easter.

Get SET to loosen your skinny belt, a weekend of chocolate bingeing beckons.

This Easter Sunday [March 31] is sure to bring mounds of mini eggs, chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns to test your temptation limits and send your blood sugar levels soaring.

But instead of gorging on chocolate and feeling guilty after- embrace beauty’s offerings to get a guilt-free cocoa fix.

You don’t have to fret about calorie counting to indulge in these sweet treats. The beauty world has a whole candy shop of truly scrumptious products that will leave you looking - and smelling - irresistible.

Treat yourself to chocoholic heaven, or shun the eggs and let others bask in an alternative beauty-themed Easter, too. Chocs away!

Make-up bag goodies

Neon and pastel colours are fun for seasonal experimentation but neutral shades like chocolates and caramels are a must-have for any time of year.

A softening cocoa-scented lip balm or gloss is practically a chocoholic’s lifeline when supplies are running low.

You’ll also find bronzers and eye powders with the feel-good fragrance of chocolate that smell good enough to eat (though that’s not recommended!).

Hair delicacies

Toss your tresses and leave a super-sweet smell in your wake. But you don’t have to lather up your hair in a sugary style product to achieve your chocoholic fix for the day.

If you’re a brunette, enhance your locks with a chocolate colour shampoo for a subtle everyday hint, or use a toner for a more dramatic look. Blondes should opt for creamy caramels or honeys.