Inconsiderate drivers can expect tickets!

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POLICE in Kirriemuir are prepared to take a robust approach to the problem of inconsiderate parking in the town.

Areas of concern include Bank Street in Kirriemuir and the entrance to Webster’s High School and Southmuir Primary School.

Constable Pam Colvin informed Kirriemuir Community Council that a watchful eye was being kept on the area outside the school and that those parking in restricted areas could expect tickets.

She said the robust approach would extend to the centre of town after hearing from community councillors that inconsiderate on-street parking was making it difficult for heavy vehicles to negotiate narrow streets.

Members welcomed the police stance, reminding motorists that Kirrie has a free car park which is just a short walk down one of the narrow lanes into the centre of town.

“It is just laziness on the part of some motorists to park on yellow lines rather than using the car park,” said one community councillor.