In my view 31.05.12

IN a couple of weeks time the Olympic Torch will pass through Angus on its way to London for the 2012 Games.

And, if any of the torch-bearers opt to buy the cast aluminium replica of the torch they carry on this leg of the journey and then sell it on eBay for profit then so be it!

Over the course of the past week - ever since a woman from Burnham-on-Sea received a bid of over £150,000 for the torch she carried and was able to purchase for around £200 - the so-called great and good of our country have been falling over themselves to brand such actions as a disgrace and nothing but sheer selfishness and narrow-mindedness. Why? What’s not right about someone wanting to sell something you have bought in order to earn a crust.

If I go into town and am lucky enough to snap up a three-piece suit for a knockdown price, there’s nothing to stop me going home and selling it for a handsome profit via an on-line auction site.

Once I have made a purchase, that purchase belongs to me, and it’s entirely my choice as to whether to keep it, sell it or give it away. I may choose to donate the profit to charity, I may opt to pocket the difference and have a good time.

There’s absolutely nothing immoral in that.

What is immoral is a millionaire banker sitting on some sun-kissed beach with a pina colada in one hand and a cigar in the other having been party to actions that led to a global financial crisis.

Or a government lecturing the people on the fact that we are all in this fine mess together while sanctioning £40,000 tax-breaks to the super-rich!

On the Olympics you can be sure there will be many an entrepreneur making a quick killing out of the event.

Why should a cash-strapped Olympic torch-bearer miss out?