In my view

WOW! £33 million - and it’s being spent in Forfar!

We are going to have a new secondary school, we are going to have brand, spanking new community facilities, we are going to have new leisure facilities and - wait for it - a new swimming pool and an all weather pitch.

All our Christmases have come at once! Every wish list that could possibly have been drawn up has been ticked. And it really is happening and will be finished in three - yes - only three years time.

Angus Council is conducting a period of consultation where they are inviting EVERYONE in the community to get involved.

So please, please take up their offer. Once the building starts going up, it is too late to make suggestions.

Local people are invited to put their views forward, staff and pupils at Forfar Academy are getting the chance to put in their tuppence worth - and so are you. Far too often people offer words of wisdom as to what should have been done, or what should have been included.

It’s now or never so speak up and be heard.

This is the biggest investment I can remember in my lifetime in my home town and I can’t wait to see the finished product. We have waited so long for a new pool, sports clubs are fund-raising tirelessly for a second all-weather pitch in the town - let’s make sure we get this right.