In my view

I HAVE always been fairly lucky with my teeth, or so I thought.

Despite the usual childhood debacle of braces and orthodontist appointments I’ve never had to have fillings or teeth taken out.

Then early last week disaster struck - I got toothache.

Whenever people have complained about toothache in the past I admit I’ve just rolled my eyes and muttered something like “man up” - oh how I regret those words!

And if I didn’t believe it already then now I definitely do believe in karma.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m in agony but it’s certainly not a picnic.

Yawning (which I do often - it’s practically a hobby) is pretty painful, chewing isn’t so bad but still quite unpleasant and talking, something which I never stop doing, has to be the worst. So at least it’s shut me up a bit more than usual.

To make it worse I’m even more cantankerous than usual (see my last ‘In my View’ for full details). Although I do think I have a valid reason for grumpiness this time around.

But these things always seem to happen at the worst possible times. You know, when so much is going on you can’t possibly stop to think let alone curl up in a corner and wait ‘til it goes away.

So I’ve been battling on and it’s probably the best thing to do - even if I do have a cheek to rival my beloved Russian hamsters.