In my view

IT’S A miracle I have not poisoned my children.

As I adhere to my new year’s resolution of keeping my kitchen tidy, my latest plan of campaign was cleaning out the fridge and food cupboards.

Granted, the fridge wasn’t too bad, although even I was surprised at the number of out of date jars which had gathered on the top shelf (just how many jars of cranberry sauce does one household need?)

I am always intrigued by sell by dates on products, and was quite ruthless when it came to throwing out things which were past their sell by date (some spectacularly so).

And whilst I would never take a chance with raw meat, I do wonder if we are perhaps just a little bit too cautious nowadays. Surely if something is in a sealed jar that’s never been opened and it’s only a few weeks out of date it will still be ok - but we don’t take the chance.

How did people manage before when there were no fridges or freezers and everything was stored in the pantry? And how on earth did we manage before a plethora of warning signs started popping up everywhere and anywhere? I am always amused at signs which advise hot water will come out of a hot tap, or that packets of peanuts may contain nuts.

I’ll risk the temptation to state it’s “health and safety gone mad” - maybe it’s a sign that I am getting past my “sell by date”!