In my view

I think I peaked too soon.

In the cantankerous, crabbit, grumpy, old-before-my-time, stakes that is.

At the grand old age of 24 I’ve found myself muttering away at the slightest agitation, my patience has weathered away to nought (just ask the garage that had my car for almost a month for repairs!), and I find myself increasingly practising hermitism.

So my new year’s resolution was to try and lighten up a bit.

Has it worked?

The jury is still out to be honest.

But I think January is the worst time of the year to even think about making resolutions.

It’s cold, the pavements are slippy, the roads are a disaster, everyone has the lurgy, everyone’s skint...

The season of goodwill is well and truly over the second January 2 hits.

I know life’s too short but wouldn’t it be amazing if all the little irritations just went away?

Endless PPI calls (and the like), junk mail you fall over as soon as you walk through your front door, the constant lies and nonsense provided instead of customer service.

And they all seem to increase at this time of year!

So, I will work on my new year’s resolution and maybe by 2014 I’ll have lightened up a bit.

I just won’t be doing it in the miserable month of January.

Bah Humbug!