In my view

happy New Year!

The subject of my ‘In My View’ this week is going to be faulty lights on vehicles and fog lights!

It’s winter time and it is pretty dark out there first thing in the morning and also in the late afternoon.

I have seen too many motorists recently with faulty brake lights, brake lights that are constantly on, rear fog lights on when there is no fog and also front fog lights.

I have also seen quite a few vehicles substituting their headlights, which aren’t working, with fog lights!

For vehicles fitted with front fog lights (rear fog lights are also included), it IS an offence to illuminate them unless visibility is seriously reduced, which is defined as driving in rain, snow or fog with visibility of less than 100 metres.

Fog lights cause dazzle to other road suers and can attract you a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice.

Who needs to pay an unnecessary fine when light bulbs cost a couple of pounds or you can prevent an accident by switching fogs off?

Motorists who use their front and rear fog lights indiscriminately when visibility is not impaired have caused as many as 300,000 accidents in the United Kingdom in the past year, a car insurance provider has discovered.

So the message here is to regularly check your bulbs and replace the spent ones.