In my view

AS I write I am preparing to come off for a week’s holiday - and I can’t wait.

I’ve nothing against work, but the list of things needing done at home is beginning to pile up - starting with not one, but two piles of ironing!

It never really bothers me, but the countdown to Christmas seems to be met by a count up of stress levels.

The Christmas cards are bought, I just need to write them. Some of the presents are bought, I just need to wrap them, the obligatory tin of Christmas sweeties is bought, but they are disappearing as quickly as snow “aff a dyke” on a White Christmas morning.

One thing that keeps me calm in all of this is the repeat of Christmas movies - last weekend it was Home Alone, all I need now is Polar Express and I’m all set.

Christmas TV viewing can be a hit or a miss, but one thing I absolutely love is the variety of Christmas adverts.

John Lewis has, once again, come up trumps. The dedication of that snowman, trudging up hill and down dale to buy a hat, scarf and gloves for his snow lady friend, accompanied by the haunting lyrics of ‘The Power of Love’, is so moving (I know, I know, it’s not real!)

But my all time favourite is the smiling Father Christmas on the Coca-Cola lorry - a yes, the holidays are coming!

See you next week.