In my view

FRIDAY the 13th. Can’t wait! That’s the day the SFL chairmen will be forced to make a decision the footballing suits should have made ages ago!

Four months into the Rangers debacle, and a couple of weeks away from the first action of the new season and where are we - going nowhere fast!

The SPL clubs have renaged on their responsibilities and left it to the SFL clubs to sort the mess out.

But can they? According to SFL chief David Longmuir the first question to be put the 30 SFL clubs will be: “Are the SFL in a position to accommodate Rangers into the Scottish Football League?”

The answer’s easy. No, simply because the SPL has refused to accept Newco, but declines to take the necessary next step and invite a new club from the SFL to replace them in the top flight, which means there are no vacancies in the SFL.

Where do you fit in a 31st club?

Until the SPL makes that decision, there is no decision for the SFL to make.

The mess Rangers got themselves in is their’s alone, but why should 41 other clubs have to suffer as a result?

To me, the SPL, had they any savvy, could have sorted this out in jiffy.

If ‘Newco’ was seen to be continuing to drag its heels, put them into abeyance for a year, and continue the league with 11 clubs, leaving the SFL well alone.

Either that, or invite ‘Newco’ in to play, but with a 30-point penalty and other sanctions, reducing to 20 for year two and 10 for year three - thus punishing the club that was to blame for the sorry mess Scottish football currently finds itself in.

That would be a sensible solution, for the good of Scottish football. Then again, when did our suits last make decision for the good of Scottish football?

Two years on from the Henry McLeish led inquiry into the state of the game and what has been achieved?


Says it all!