In my view

I tuned in to Scottish Question Time in the late hours of Wednesday evening - and wish I hadn’t bothered!

It was like a Westminster cattle-market as Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow tried in vain to control what was nothing short of a rabble.

There was a total lack of respect for those forwarding questions and Michael Moore was forced, time and again, to try and talk over a myriad of conversations going on all around him.

Many MPs were totally oblivious to what was being discussed as they engaged in idle chit-chat with all and sundry, few seemingly caring a jot for the serious debate that should have taking centre stage.

And the chief protagonists were people who should know better - the likes of Kenneth Clarke, the current Secretary of State for Justice, and Phillip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Defence, to name but two.

It was pretty disgraceful.

How on earth can we set an example to our young people when senior politicians can’t even respect those who are called upon to speak in the chamber?

I am just glad that Scottish Question Time - for what it was worth - is on so late.

At least most kids would have been tucked up in bed and would have missed out on how not to conduct yourself in public!

If ever there was a total switch off this was it.

Little wonder there is so much apathy amongst the electorate these days.