In my view

SO the Scottish Government plans to get tough on irresponsible car parking that can make life difficult for wheelchair users.

A members’ bill has been drawn up, targeting parking on pavements, double parking and parking alongside kerbs which have been lowered for wheelchair users.

Sounds a great move, but will it solve the problems of bad parking?

Doubtful, if my experience of irresponsible drivers in the Forfar, Kirriemuir, Brechin are any yardstick.

There are those who will park anywhere, any time, without giving a hoot for other users - and very little is done to clamp down on them!

I am talking about those who think nothing of parking on double yellow lines, zig-zag lines, and even prepared to leave their vehicle jutting over an entrance into a side street - such is their desire to get their mitts on a Chinese carry-out at any cost.

It’s all very well calling for tougher parking controls and getting them in the statute book.

It’s another thing altogether implementing them and making sure those who are responsible for irresponsible parking are brought to book.

If the Scottish Government is prepared to get to grips with a problem so too should the police and the local authority.

Make our streets safer for everyone!