In my view

AT a time when we are bombarded with depressing news stories daily day of job cuts, pensions being raided and the negative aspects of society, it is so refreshing to recognise the support within our local communities for various projects.

Despite tough economic times, a number of local businesses continue to dip into their pockets to support worthy causes - with little or no recognition.

In our paper last week we reported on the help being given to the troubled Pitstop in Academy Street in Forfar.

A number of local businesses answered the group’s call for assistance with their plans to improve the facilities on offer to the youths of the town

As well as giving up their time they visited the premises and talked through the ambitious plans, with offers of help, ranging from joinery and building work to kitchen equipment.

Guild Homes has a policy of supporting local causes in the areas they are building - Kirriemuir Day Care and the Forfar Day Care Bus Appeal are the latest recipients to receive cash boosts.

The Forfar Roof Truss Company has donated a staggering £25,000 to local causes through the sponsorship award run in conjunction with the Dispatch and Herald over the last eight years - and they continue to do so.

What is depressing is those who sit back and complain that nothing is ever done to help local communities.

They need to open their eyes or, better still, get off their own back-sides and do something to help, however small their contribution.