In my view

Responding to the remark “to you football is a matter of life and death”, the late, great Bill Shankly retorted “listen, it’s more important than that.”

But, is it really? A great sport it can be, but the be all and end all it definitely is not!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. I wouldn’t have supported Forfar Athletic for the best part of half a century if I didn’t.

My late colleague and close friend Steve Mitchell was equally supportive of his beloved Brechin City, perhaps even more so!

Many a Sunday morning was spent reflecting on the fortunes, or otherwise, of our respective clubs. Sometimes we would agree, often we would disagree. But there was consensus. We admired the way the Loons and City were looked after by the men who held the purse strings.

If Steve was around today, he would be chuffed that the reds were back in their pitching for a promotion play-off spot, but he would caution that they should not spend outwith their means to get there.

As for Forfar, they have a battle on their hands to prise themselves away from the drop zone.

They may succeed, they may not, but of more importance is the news that, for the moment, the finances seem to be back in reasonably good order.

The same can’t be said about Rangers. They may survive, they may not.

But, do I care? Not a jot. Many other areas of life are far more important than football.