In my view

ONE of the biggest news stories in the UK this week is undoubtedly Rangers Football Club going into administration.

Given the state of affairs surrounding the club in recent years the move came as a surprise to few. However, the attitude of some fans of other clubs in Scotland has been nothing short of appalling.

Closer to home we have seen the anguish suffered by those involved with Dundee Football Club as it seems ever on the brink of complete collapse. We have seen the number of people losing their jobs and the players who have found themselves without a team.

Would you wish that on anyone? Really? Imagine the shoe was on the other foot - it’s not so funny now is it?

That aside, those who think the potential collapse of the Glasgow giant will have no repercussions on themselves could be in for a nasty shock. Especially those who support the other half of the Old Firm.

It is hardly a secret that a great deal of the money in UK football comes from Sky television. In Scotland, the Sky funding is focused mainly on the Old Firm. Not Rangers or Celtic individually but the whole package. Should one of these clubs go, the funding will be pulled and from then on clubs in Scotland will begin to fall like a pack of dominoes.

So, worrying times ahead for the Scottish game but one thing is for sure, whatever team you support, the fans need to do their bit.

Attendances have been falling for a long time now and that is one of the fundamental reasons clubs are struggling. So get out there on Saturday afternoon and show some support.