If you build it, they will come...to Forfar!

Katharine McLean, partner at Andrew Begg Forfar.
Katharine McLean, partner at Andrew Begg Forfar.

‘Success begets success’ should be the mantra of Forfar town centre and at the heart of this, enlisting public support, according to ideas coming from the recent design charrette.

As part of the design charrette in 2015/16, dubbed ‘Future Forfar’, the community came together to come up with ideas on how to improve the town centre, among other things.

Now, as part of this improvement drive, a number of businesses in the town centre are investing in their appearance as part of the larger charrette project, among them is Andrew Begg & Partner.

Katharine McLean, partner at the soon to be renamed Andrew Begg Forfar, explained the thinking behind the improvement works: “A great many of the shops in Forfar are making a big effort to attract and retain customers.

“We want the public to realise that they may be able to get much of what they want or need locally, saving them time and money (petrol and parking) while also supporting the local economy. Many’s the time that customers have trawled Dundee or Aberdeen for an entire day, only to find that the object of their desire was right here on their doorstep! Not always the case, of course, but it’s surprising what you can find locally.

“If people enjoy spending time here due to attractive surroundings and a good range of goods and services, then they will socialise and shop more in Forfar, thereby supporting jobs and businesses.

“Note that good shops encourage more good shops! So if the existing ones are finding things tough then you will have less variety because competitors see the incumbents struggling and will not invest.

“Fortunately, the wheels of Future Forfar have started to turn regarding various town improvement initiatives including shop frontages, green spaces, traffic control, signage into the town and public communication.

“All of this should, with public support, help arrest the decline and form a good basis for an improved town centre.”