Hopes that matter is now resolved

A LOCAL woman has responded to a neighbour’s claims that she has deprived children of a place to play.

Last week Angus Council erected a “Ball Games Prohibited” sign at a patch of grass which is situated in the middle of the Archie’s Park area following complaints from a tenant.

The tenant had complained that the wall of her house had been kicked multiple times each evening. Neighbour Shona Martin felt that children were being denied the opportunity to play ball games in a safe environment outside their own homes.

The tenant, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I have been living in the area for six months and most nights between five o’clock and seven o’clock I have to put up with a ball being kicked against the side of my house.

“I asked the children responsible many times to avoid kicking the ball against my house.

“This continued and two nights in a row the ball came into my garden hitting my window and the children were climbing my fence so I felt I had no other option but to complain to the council.

“The council then decided the appropriate action would be to erect a ‘Ball Games Prohibited’ sign.

“I have absolutely no problem with children playing in this area, I have a young niece and study childcare so I realise the importance of outside play.

“I have heard from previous tenants of my property that this has been an ongoing problem.”

She added: “I realise there are other issues in the area such as loud music being played late at night, which I would like to say I am not responsible for, but I feel both are equally anti-social.

“I have contacted Tayside Police for advice after parents approached me in what could be considered an intimidating manner. The Police also agreed this was anti-social behaviour and advised me to work with the council to resolve this.

“Since the sign was erected children have continued to play without causing me nuisance so in my mind the matter has been resolved.”