History of Kirrie Show medal

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Our appeal for information on a historic Kirrie Show medal has proved successful with a local farmer coming forward with details.

James Wylie of Balnagarrow Farm, Kinnordy, read the article which highlighted a medal which has been gifted to the directors of the Kirriemuir Show and which will be on display at this year’s event on Saturday, July 13, at Muirhead of Logie Farm.

It is the Champion Bullock Medal won by DT Cowpar in 1897.

James explained: “Recently I have been working on a family history project and I believe the Cowpars and Wylie farming families are related. David Cowpar/Coupar (born 1808, died 1882), farmer of Dryburns and Hatton of Ogilvy had six children; Andrew, Margaret, Jessie, David, James and Robert. Margaret Couper (born 1835, died 1866) married William Thomson, a wealthy shipowner and merchant of Dundee and had three children, the most famous being David Coupar Thomson who founded the publishing firm D.C. Thomson of Dundee.

“The eldest son Andrew (born 1833, died 1906), farmer at Dryburns, Brae of Pert and Mains of Logie, married Mary Ann Wylie (born 1836, died 1881 - my great-great-great-great aunt) and had ten children; David (Oregon), William Wylie (Oregon), Annabella, Andrew (farmer Kintrocknt), Edward (Oregon), John Wylie (cape Town), Margaret Jane, Marion, Fred Thomson (Oklahoma), and Jeannie (Glasgow).

“I believe the youngest son of David Cowpar/Coupar, Robert, may be a founding member of the Kirriemuir Agricultural Show. The ‘D.T. Cowpar’ on the medal I believe to be the eldest son of Andrew and Mary Ann Wylie, as his name is David, and the dates put him roughly in the margin of 1897. After further research, the medal was awarded to David Tosh Cowpar who was born in 1854 to James Cowpar/Coupar and Elizabeth Tosh, James Coupar was 28 and farmed at Glasswell in 1841.

“David Tosh got married in 1900 and had a son in 1903, also called David.”

The medal was gifted by Staffordshire collector Roy Tidman who bought the meal in 2008 from a deal in Virginia.