Praise for trial diabetes scheme

Angus MSPs Nigel and Don and Graeme Dey have welcomed the success of a new trial programme which has seen dramatic changes in the care of diabetes patients.

Between 15 to 20 per cent of all hospital inpatients have diabetes and the ‘Think, Check, Act’ programme’s aims are to reduce complications associated with hospital stays, improve the care that patients receive and reduce the cost to the NHS.

The test wards, one of which was in Tayside, saw an average 20 per cent reduction in the incidence of hypoglycaemia – a potentially dangerous drop in blood sugar. The programme included education packages for ward staff, visual reminders in wards, the introduction of ready-made kits for the treatment and prevention of hypoglycaemia, training in improvement methods and support from improvement experts.

Mr Don said: “Improving the care people with diabetes receive in hospitals is very important and I am glad to see progress being made.”

Mr Dey added: “The results of this programme are hugely encouraging and I look forward to seeing other NHS boards take up the initiative with similar results for patients.”