NHS Tayside service offers advice to keep children fit and healthy this winter

NHS Tayside is emphasising the importance of keeping children active.
NHS Tayside is emphasising the importance of keeping children active.

NHS Tayside’s Paediatric Overweight Service (POST) is encouraging families to keep moving to keep healthy this MOVE-ember.

While the weather is becoming colder and the nights darker the service is encouraging everyone, particularly children, to keep moving during the winter months.

Keep activity levels up can also help to keep the winter blues at bay.

Dr Laura Stewart, POST team lead, said that children over five need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, while children under five who are walking need at least three hours every day.

She continued: “You can build up activity throughout the day in 10-minute bursts, so don’t be discouraged by the weather, try adding bursts of activity into your daily routine.

“Spending too much time watching TV, DVDs or playing computer games can be unhealthy, so if you find yourself staring at a screen, make sure you’re still moving your body by using something like the NHS Change 4 Life 10-minute shake up or fun generator app.

“Keeping moving and being active helps to make us feel more energetic which should make it a little easier to get out of bed in the cold mornings. Regular physical activity in everyone’s daily life is proven to have many health benefits, so take advantage of the cold spell and try out some new activities.”

Easy ways to kick-start a Fun Fit MOVE-ember can include an indoor obstacle course or treasure hunt, making up a dance routine to favourite songs, wrap up warmly and go for a winter walk, play inside or outside with a hula hoop or skipping rope, try a new class or sport such as judo, karate or bubble football, ice-skating or ice hockey, swimming, helping with the chores such as sweeping up the leaves or shovelling snow and do the daily mile as a family. It can all be shared by tweeting a picture to @POSTNHST #funfittayside

Further information about the POST service is available by calling 01738 473784 or e-mailing post.tayside@nhs.net.