Lupus event a great success

THE South and East of Scotland Lupus Group held a successful awareness day at the Whitehills Health and Community Care Centre last week.

The event was organised by Lorraine Eccles and Linda Brown, who both have the condition,

Lorraine, a volunteer with the group, explained Lupus is an auto-immune condition where the immune system attacks itself thinking that it is an invader. It can attack any area of the body, from your brain to your kidneys or feet.

She said: “Our awareness day at Whitehills was a huge success! Linda and I met three other lupies and another six people who knew someone with lupus and wanted more information. A huge thank you to all of the kind people who visited the hospital and donated money - we raised £52.67 which is fab!

“Lots of the staff including GPs, and physiotherapists approached us for more information and to take away leaflets for their lupus patients. We handed out information booklets to all of the GP practices, the maternity team, the mental health nurses and physiotherapists.”