Healing with homeopathy

LOCAL homeopath Neil Spence has organised a six week ‘Healing with Homeopathy’ course which will run from his home beginning in October.

The course will teach you how to treat yourself and your family for acute illness, accidents, dental pain and abscess, colds, flu, headaches, virus and bacterial infections as well as tummy troubles and all kinds of health problems. Morning or evening sessions are available to suit your lifestyle. Parents will find this course particularly useful as it provides tools for dealing with many of the common ailments of life.

Neil said: “The morning and evening sessions cover the same work so it’s possible to attend either. Some people come to a morning session one week and evening sessions another. It is suitable for people who wish to learn homeopathic first aid.

“It also offers a deeper understanding of homeopathic philosophy and the holistic principles behind homeopathy and will provide a good introduction for anyone who is considering studying homeopathy at college or University.

“This course was very popular last year and received good feedback from participants who are now using homeopathy to help themselves and their families.”

For further details and to reserve your place call (01307) 830307 or e-mail new@holos-homeopathy.com The evening sessions begin on Thursday, October 18, and the morning sessions on Friday, October 19, at Ward of Turin Cottage, Forfar.