Cancer awareness tour hits town

A ROADSHOW to make women in Forfar aware of the different signs and symptoms of breast cancer will visit Asda, Forfar, from 9am to 5pm on Thursday, October 4.

The nationwide, 55-stop tour will descend on locations across Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s £30 million Detect Cancer Early programme to improve cancer survival rates in Scotland.

The new groundbreaking campaign features actress and comedienne Elaine C. Smith, whose mother died from breast cancer, fronting striking television adverts, shown after the 9pm watershed. They feature her holding up a series of placards showing breasts displaying signs of the disease.

The campaign carries the message that lumps are not the only sign of breast cancer and stresses the importance of going to your GP as soon as you notice changes to your breasts, as the earlier cancer is detected and treated, the better the chances are of survival.

The national roadshow will help to educate people that lumps are not the only sign of breast cancer by providing clear information on some of the other signs of breast cancer, such as leaking nipples, dimples or crusty nipples. The campaign will also continue to address people’s fear and lack of knowledge about the prospects of survival from cancer, as well as tackling their apprehension to approach their doctor.

The Detect Cancer Early tour will offer help and advice to people in Forfar on how to spot the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Roadshow staff will be available to provide passers-by with information on breast cancer and the national breast screening programme. An interactive presentation will be on site to help bring the different signs of breast cancer to life visually.