Campaign with hope

A national TV campaign starts this week to offer hope to the thousands of Scottish adults who suffer verbal, physical, sexual and financial abuse every day.

The campaign is being supported by 24 Scottish councils, including Angus Council and its partners, to raise awareness of the need to protect vulnerable adults in much the same way that it is now accepted that children exposed to harm should be protected.

The two-week campaign on STV focuses on three specific issues where adults can be at risk of harm.

These are: the financial exploitation of the elderly; the day to day abuse of adults with learning disabilities and the exposure to harm that long term alcohol abuse can create.

Speaking in support of the campaign Margaret Wells, the chair of the Angus Adult Protection Committee, said: “Everyone recognises that children are vulnerable and need to be protected but many of us don’t realise that, sometimes, adults need protecting too.

“Many adults have physical or mental health problems, some develop dementia, all of which can make them more vulnerable to those willing to take advantage of their situation.

“While the vast majority of us will have loving family and friends that we can depend on, regrettably others do not.

“This campaign is about raising awareness of the issues some adults face from physical injury to financial exploitation.

“It shows us the actions we can all take to change a life for the better.”

Anyone with any concerns about friends, relatives or neighbours can call the free hotline number 0300 777 6520 or find out more online at