Have you seen a Speckled Wood?


NOW THAT spring has finally arrived, Butterfly Conservation Scotland needs the public’s help in the Angus area to track the expansion of one of Scotland’s most rapidly spreading butterflies.

The butterfly has been moving towards the centre of Scotland and could be spotted in Angus.

The Speckled Wood is expanding its range south around the Moray Firth and the west coast that were colonised centuries ago and remained occupied, while the rest of Scotland became colder and unsuitable.

Some of the butterflies have even appeared in the Stranraer area and it is thought that they could have flown over from Northern Ireland.

The Speckled Wood is consequently moving towards the centre of Scotland from the north, west, south west and south east.

The distinctive butterfly of sunny, open woodland, can be seen in sunny glades in woodland, as its name suggests.

As part of the Year of Nature, Butterfly Conservation Scotland is asking the public to help them track the movement of this particular species.

Much research has been done on the butterfly’s behaviour and its reaction to climate warming and the records sent in by the public greatly help scientists carrying out their research.

Records for the Speckled Wood butterfly can be submitted online at www.butterfly-conservation.org/scottishspeckledwood.