‘Grow your own’ day

THIS Saturday (June 18) the Strathmore Gardening Club at Strathmore Primary School are hosting a ‘Grow your own’ day from 10 am until 1 pm.

The children who attend Gardening Club have been busy growing lots of vegetable plants and will be giving them away free to pupils, parents and the people of Forfar.

The idea is part of the school’s project for which it recently received a Climate Challenge Fund Grant.

Grow your own, buying local produce and recycling are the three areas which the school has decided to concentrate on.

So far the grant has allowed for the purchase of a new poly tunnel, shed and many garden tools, seeds, compost and wheel barrow - all of which the children have put to good use.

Now it is hoped that the people of Forfar will be encouraged to try their hand at growing their own produce and enjoy the benefits of freshly picked fruit and vegetables on their own door step.

At the open day there will be free tea, coffee, juice and biscuits, free vegetable plants, stalls such as lucky lolly, guess the teddy’s birthday and number of sweets in a jar.

There will also be a gardening activities table where children can make items to take home.

Stalls selling local produce from the Farmers Market will be present and everyone can visit the school Eco garden and see the newly installed poly tunnel and many other garden features which the children have been working on.

All pupils, parents and local people are invited to go and support this event to help celebrate the achievements of the children.