Great start for new speakers’ club season

Strathmore Speakers Club recently held the first meeting of the season at Kirriemuir Golf Club with sixteen members present.

Incoming president Edwin Petrie was invested with the president’s collar by his predecessor, Pamela Howat while Bob Stewart chaired the training session assisted by Pamela Howat in the role of timekeeper for the evening.

First to the lectern was Helen Gordon-Wilson of Blairgowrie, making a speech entitled ‘My Days in the Tank’ with the assignment of ‘use of humour’. Helen described how she had been taught to drive in an old ‘tank’ of a car bought from a scrap-yard for £10.

David Howat evaluated, saying that this had been a very enjoyable start to the season with good word pictures conveying the humour of the various problems.

In awarding a pass, he recommended that Helen repeat the humorous assignment in the future, choosing a less anecdotal approach.

The second speaker was Jim Gibb combining two assignments – ‘mean what you say’ and ‘audience rapport’. With title ‘The Wages of Spin’, Jim illustrated how various people manipulate the truth and ended with the view that while spin is not lying, too much of it can be counter-productive.

Evaluator Alex Rae said that Jim had demonstrated enthusiastic conviction and achieved audience rapport through excellent use of his voice and appropriate examples of spin. This was a pass without a shadow of a doubt.

Third up was David Binnie giving a mini lecture entitled ‘Cochrane’ - a brief look at the life and achievements of Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, an outstanding Naval Officer and radical politician.

The evaluation was given by Graham Carr who congratulated David on a fascinating and stimulating account of Cochrane’s life. With his easy style and natural gestures, David had kept the members enthralled throughout and thoroughly deserved a pass.

The topics session was chaired by Iain Orr who asked seven members to speak for two minutes each at short notice on the theme of ‘Films’.

General evaluator Jim Smith of Kirriemuir said it had been a fine start to the new season with excellent chairmanship and keen performances all round making it an enjoyable evening.

Anyone who would like more information about learning to speak in public in the friendly atmosphere of a speakers club should contact Jim Smith on 01575 574435 or Jim Gibb on 01250 875262.