‘Gimme shelter’

Forfar Loch
Forfar Loch

Visitors to Forfar Loch Country Park will soon be able to seek shelter from the elements, thanks to a project promoted by a local councillor.

Forfar member Ian McLaren, a regular walker round the loch, suggested three shelters be placed along the pathways.

The shelters, which will be made locally, will be funded by £5000 from the Forfar Common Good Fund.

Councillor McLaren told us: “So many people walk round Forfar Loch but at the moment there is no shelter whatsoever so, if the rain comes on, you get soaked.The loch is a popular place for local walkers and those staying at the Lochside Caravan Park.

“The shelters, which will be similar to bus shelters, will be another facility to add to the visitor attraction.”

The go-ahead for the shelters was given at last Tuesday’s meeting of Angus Council’s Policy and Resources Committee.

After the meeting Mr McLaren continued: “We are all being encouraged to exercise more.

“We already have the outdoor exercise equipment at the loch which is being used by all ages, and hopefully the shelters will encourage more walkers.

“There are a lot of elderly people who walk round the loch; the shelters will help if the rain comes on when they are half way round.

“The funding came from the Forfar Common Good Fund which is for the benefit of the people of Forfar.”

Councillor McLaren also praised the work of the local Ranger service which has highlighted the problem of dog fouling at the loch.

Earlier this year members of the Junior Ranger Anti-dog fouling campaign demonstrated the scale of the problem, tagging piles of dogs’ dirt and creating a ‘dog poo tree’ with bags of imitation excrement hanging from the branches.

The graphic image got the message home to dog owners and, according to councillor McLaren, there has been a big improvement.