Gardening Club members spring into a new season

WITH spring having arrived members of Forfar Garden Club have been out and about.

Ferngreen Garden Centre kindly welcomed members to a social evening,.

Micheal Ower of Ferngreen gave everyone a discount on their purchases on the night.

Gardeners tend to be a wee bit thrifty, so this was a super opportunity to stock up on bits needed and other bits they just couldn’t resist.

The club is off again on Saturday coming, to visit Cluny Gardens, near Aberfeldy.

John and Wendy Mattingley own Cluny, and John gave a wonderful talk to the club at the last meeting.

As well as giving a demonstration of propagating primulas, he explained how the gardens were managed in a completely organic and sustainable way.

The next speaker on April 28 is Andrea Partridge.

Andrea is the project officer for the Carse of Gowrie Historic Orchard Project.

Her role is to co-ordinate the research on the orchards, to work with orchard owners to revitalise the orchards, to develop business opportunities and to engage with local schools and communities to raise the profile of the importance of the orchards.