Gairie remains least favoured store site

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KIRRIEMUIR Community Councillors have reiterated their unanimous view that the Gairie Works is the least favoured place for a new supermarket in Kirriemuir.

And, meeting for the first time since the town was practically paralysed by heavy winter snow, members once again cited road safety as a major concern in Bellies Brae.

Chairman Roland Proctor reminded those round the table that throughout last year’s Kirrie supermarket saga members never favoured one of the proposed sites against the others.

“However, what we did emphasise was that the Gairie Works site was the least favoured of the three,” he added.

“The site off Bellies Brae is definitely in the wrong place for a supermarket and the winter weather we have just had has proved that.

“It is an accident waiting to happen.”

Members talked of vehicles struggling to negotiate the steep gradients during the worst of the weather and, later in the evening, there was debate about the wisdom of creating two on-street parking spaces on the west side of Bellies Brae just down from the Square.

“There were motorists who had to put the brakes on in the face of oncoming traffic at that spot and, in the icy conditions, they couldn’t get going again,” explained John Howe.

“Our view last year was that the Gairie Works is the wrong place to site a supermarket.

“That was our position when the applications came up for consideration and it remains our position today,” concluded Mr Proctor.