Fund-raiser for Kunta Kinteh Nursery school

The Woodville Inn, Kirriemuir, will play host to a weekend of fund-raising events this weekend to raise money for Kunta Kinteh Nursery School, Gambia.

Jackie Learmonth, who runs the Woodville Inn, bought and renovated the nursery school which now has 90 pupils aged four to seven in attendance.

Jackie also sponsors three children at the nursery school as well as the football team.

On Saturday, April 16 the Woodville Inn will be holding a race night from 7.30 pm with people sponsoring a horse or a race to help boost the fund-raising total.

On Sunday April 17, Kirriemuir band, Emerald Sunday, will be performing a charity gig to help raise funds for the Kunta Kinteh Nursery School.

The gig runs from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Woodville Inn, Kirriemuir and tickets, costing £4 can be bought at the door on the night.

Medical care is not free in Gambia so Jackie is going to set up a medical fund for the school and football team after three men, and friends, from the football team, connected with the school, died earlier this year. She said: “Two men died instantly at the scene of the crash but one player, Mr Bubacar Camara, was unconscious with multiple broken bones.

“Unfortunately Mr Camara’s family could not afford to pay for medical treatment so the doctors did not know about the full extent of his injuries and unfortunately he died.

“He was a dear friend of mine. By setting up the medical fund for the school and the football team I hope to ensure that money is there for medical care when they need it and they do not miss out on vital health care because they can not afford to pay.”

Jackie is also appealing for donation of pencils, erasers and school bags which she can take to Gambia with her when she returns on Wednesday, April 20.

If you can help with donations or any of the above items then drop them off at the Woodville Inn, Kirriemuir.