Forfar parking concerns

WITH various road issues becoming hot topics in Forfar we asked you do you get frustrated by people illegally parking on double yellow lines?

Many responded to say that, yes they are annoyed by illegal parking but they also say that there is more to the problem.

Here are a selection of replies.

Jo Wilson said: “Forfar is lucky enough to have free car parks which a lot of towns don’t have.

“I think the problem is that a lot of people are not prepared to walk anywhere, they want to park right outside wherever it is they are going to.

Ian Bishop added: “Disabled badges are not correctly controlled either .

“A lot of abuse of them by people who are not disabled.”

Ewan Douglas feels that it is not just car owners who are part of the problem, he said: “I get frustrated with the taxi ranks at the centre of town. They are unsightly.

“The taxi drivers are often standing on the road, speaking through the taxi windows to one another, having a smoke.

“I suggest the ranks be moved to nearer the Myre, out of view but near enough to the centre so that people can easily use them.”

Eddie Anderson agreed, he said: “Taxi drivers are the worst, they seem to think they can stop anywhere, but see if you park in their taxi rank, what a grumping they do then.

“Why don’t they have a call system in Castle Street where people can call a taxi from the Myre car park?”