Forfar man in Fife car chase

Brass Scales of Justice on a desk showing Depth-of-field books behind in the background
Brass Scales of Justice on a desk showing Depth-of-field books behind in the background

An unqualified teenage driver has been banned from the road after he led police on a “dangerous” 12 mile chase that saw other drivers having to swerve to avoid a crash.

Bryan Laird, 18, was pulled over in Cupar, Fife, and initially stopped.

But when police approached on foot he drove off - prompting officers to tail him out of the town.

He kept going for 12 miles all the way to the Tay Road Bridge - at one point overtaking on a blind bend, forcing other cars to swerve out of the way.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that Laird was first spotted by police driving a car which had no insurance at Bank Street, Cupar, at around 6pm on April 23.

Fiscal depute Joanne Smith said: “Officers followed the accused a short distance in a police vehicle.

“He stopped at a footpath in such a way police thought was unsafe.

“Officers approached his vehicle but the accused drove off.”

Laird then drove along the A92 towards the Tay Road Bridge, followed by police.

Miss Smith added: “There is no suggestion that he exceeded the speed limit at any point.

“He approached the Wormit junction and overtook vehicles while approaching a blind bend.

“The manoeuvre forced him to brake and other drivers also had to brake sharply to avoid a collision.”

All traffic was then brought to a halt and police approached and spoke to Laird.

He said: “I just like driving.”

Laird, 18, of Yeaman Street, Forfar, admitted charges of dangerous driving, having no insurance or a driving licence during the incident on April 23.

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentence until June 10 for social work background reports and banned Laird from the road meantime.

He said: “This appears to be a gross misconduct which could have caused serious injury, for which no compensation would have been offered because he has no insurance.”