Forfar man boxing clever to raise cash for charity

Lindsay is stepping in to the ring for a good cause
Lindsay is stepping in to the ring for a good cause

A Forfar man is taking to the boxing rings for three rounds all in the name of charity.

Lindsay Skea (28), has signed up for a charity event to help raise money for Cancer Research, in memory of his Grandfather who sadly passed away last year.

So far, he’s reached just over the halfway mark of his £300 target. The boxing novice is also using the challenge as a chance to build up his confidence.

He explained: “Most people know me as a laid back, shy guy who has little confidence. I decided to want to do this charity boxing event because it’s throwing myself in the deep end to what I find uncomfortable. I hate being around confrontation. I find it very uncomfortable and threatening. I have never been in a fight or lifted my fists to anyone so this is going to be a first time experience. I feel that if I can manage to do this then this will help me in the long run with my lack of confidence.”

The decision to use boxing as a fundraiser, stems from his memories with his Grandad. Lindsay said: “When I was little he would always lift his fists up to me in a funny way as if to say let’s have a play boxing fight to which I would respond by jumping on him. As I got older and bigger I could no longer respond by jumping on him so instead I fist pumped his knuckles.”

The charity match, which takes place in Dundee on March 18, involves three rounds lasting three minutes.

Discussing his training, Lindsay commented: “I can already feel a difference in myself from all the work that’s been put in at training and definitely feel a lot more confident in myself. I’ve been looking after my diet as well. I’ve cut out chocolate, fizzy drinks etc. Anyone that knows me knows that I love my chocolate so this has been a good test.

“I’m very determined to do the best I can, not just for me but for my family and for my grandad who I’m doing this on behalf of as I lost him last year to cancer and I know he would be proud of me for doing this.”

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