Forfar councillors’ fears over fly-tipping

Councillor Colin Brown.
Councillor Colin Brown.

Forfar’s two independent Angus councillors have rubbished the local authority’s decision to re-locate the Forfar recycling centre.

They have expressed concerns about a possible increase in fly-tipping and have asked for better public consultation.

Last Tuesday members of the local authority’s communities committee agreed to the closure of the Forfar and Kirriemuir recycling centres which will be replaced with a new-build centre on a site still to be identified.

The original proposal was to re-locate the two centres at Padanaram.

An amendment to save all seven sites, and a referral to full council, were both denied.

Addressing the meeting Forfar Councillor Colin Brown said: “I have spent a few hours on two separate occasions at the recycling centres in Forfar and Kirriemuir, and not one user was happy about the plans to move to Padanaram, or whatever site the council finds appropriate, for their recycling.

“People said they would if they had to, but they had absolutely no appetite to move. Most said they were satisfied with what they have at the moment.

“As for residents of Padanaram, they just do not want it on their doorstep with the increase in traffic through the village.

“As I have said earlier, I attended a public meeting in Padanaram hall. I took no part in the discussion and gave no opinion. I was just there as a spectator.

“Around 60 people attended, quite a number for a small village like Padanaram, so I will not support any change at this time and ask for a comprehensive consultation on this matter.”

Mr Brown later hit out at the handling of the meeting.

He continued: “The way we were spoken to by members of the administration was disgraceful and insulting. As for Team Angus and working together, we are not even being given a chance to air the views of our constituents.”

Fellow independent councillor Ian McLaren warned the closure of the two sites could lead to more fly-tipping.

He told us: “I spoke at the meeting and said I was most concerned there was little or no consultation with the people of Forfar regarding the proposal for this new recycling centre.

“In my view, it is very important public opinions are considered before a site is identified.

“The success of recycling is in the hands of the public and when it becomes an inconvenience it could lead to fly-tipping and landfill costs.

“I want the public to be more involved in identifying a site because it is most important they want to go to that site.

“Recycling is such an important thing. People are used to going to the recycling centre. I don’t want to go back to the days of fly-tipping.”