Forfar Academy win award for video

FORFAR Academy has won an award from an anti bullying charity.

The school scooped the accolade in the Scotland-wide ‘Respectme’ competition, and local MSP Nigel Don attended the prize-giving ceremony in Holyrood to congratulate the teachers and pupils involved.

Respectme is an anti bullying service funded by the Scottish Government

As part of Anti Bullying Week the school produced a short drama which they filmed and the results can be seen on YouTube.

The film won the performance category in the ‘What Bullying Means to Me’ competition.

Mr Don said: “Bullying denies young people the chance to make the most of their education, and that can blight their whole lives.

“It can also destroy their confidence and in some extreme cases can lead to self harm or even suicide.”

He added: “The other side of this is that children who bully others may well be facing challenges in their own lives.

“Every generation needs to learn this lesson and Forfar Academy should be congratulated for their excellent work in spreading awareness and helping pupils understand that bullying is just wrong.

“It’s heartwarming to see so many enthusiastic children so passionate about the anti-bullying campaign.”