Follow up inspection at Lochbank

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The Care Inspectorate has carried out an unannounced inspection of an Angus care, to follow up on requirements and recommendations made at an earlier visit.

Inspectors visited Lochbank Care Home on December 8 and 10, to evaluate the progress since their June inspection.

The service had a three month timescale to promote effective systems for the control of infection, and the inspection found that the requirement had been met within the timescale. The service carried out a three month trial of the new procedures which were then evaluated and a report provided to the Care Inspectorate.

It was also recommended that the service complete full and accurate records for six-monthly care plan reviews. The December inspection found that records now contained a more detailed account of what was discussed and agreed at the review meeting.

The final recommendation was that the home seek advice and guidance from the Dementia Services Development Centre on ‘dementia friendly environments’. The home has since obtained some signage for communal areas to help residents to find their way around.

Since the service was last inspected there had been four complaints which the Care Inspectorate upheld or partially upheld. Complaints included service users not always being offered a choice as to when to get out of bed in the morning. Inspectors spoke with residents in December and were told that residents could choose when to get up and when to go to bed.

A second complaints involved staff failing to ensure the safety of service users regarding another named service user. The report said: “The named service user’s care plan had been reviewed and updated to provide detailed information and guidance for staff on how to meet the resident’s support needs.”

Issues around clothes being given to the wrong residents was also raised, and the inspection found that the laundry system has since been review and improved.

The final complaint addressed in the report involved the length of time residents wait for assistance. Resident feedback suggested that staff were quick, and during the inspection, staff were observed responding to residents’ calls promptly.